Report an Incident

Report an Incident, Injury or Hazard

Protecting the health and safety of our students, employees and wider school communities through effective risk prevention and risk management practices is very important to the PMSA. It is also very important to us, that parents and members of our school communities have confidence that all risks within our schools are addressed in a transparent, confidential and respectful manner.

To utilise the invaluable partnerships between our schools, parents and wider school communities in protecting our students and employees from harm, the PMSA has introduced an on-line incident notification system, RISKALERT. The RISKALERT System is a web-based application which enables parents, students, employees, volunteers and members of our wider school communities to immediately notify the PMSA and the relevant school of any injury, hazard, incident or potential risk identified at one of our schools or at an off-site school event. 

If you are injured, involved in an incident or notice a potential safety or security hazard at one of our schools we would strongly encourage you to notify the PMSA and the school by clicking on the link to the PMSA RISKALERT System.