Message from our Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Mr. Des Robinson - Chairman

Welcome to the website of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association.

The PMSA was formed in 1918 and has a strong tradition of providing excellence in education for young people. Our schools continue to be a significant presence in the education of Queensland students.

The PMSA is a joint mission of the Uniting and Presbyterian Churches and offers a learning environment based on the Christian values of relationships, care, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration.

Students and Parents

Our schools provide an environment where talents and interests are identified and nurtured and where students can reach their full potential, both academically and personally. We see education in a broad context, including both academic and broader personal development. We aim to enable students to take their place in society and have the foundations for a successful and fulfilling life.

This site will assist you in choosing an appropriate educational experience for your child.

PMSA Employees

Employees can access information here on various aspects of their working life,a part of our commitment to supporting the people who are critical in the development of our students.

If you would like to contact our schools, or our organization, please follow the links to our contact details.